Dnz Private Bet, P11 – Euro 2020


Recap P10:

220 settle bets
✅♻️ 1
Result: +80 u 💰
ROI: +10.5%

A period with very high volume. We had a awesome period until the end of the period. From + 120u to +80u. If we need to summarize this year:
-League football & Europa League 👍🏽
– Champions League 👎

Still a decent round even If I’m aiming higher. And I’m happy to see that most of you find it easy to follow and tail most of the bets. If you are stable tailer you should probably have som profit aswell. Low focus on Betbuilder.

To Join P11 – June 1 – 11 July.

Send 700 SEK to

Clearing: 9660
Kontonr: 0938228
Svea Bank

Non Swedes:
BIC: NDEASESSIBAN: SE6695000099601809628884
Bankinformation: Svea Bank
Evenemangsgatan 31
SE-169 03 Solna

Important: Type Your Name under “message”.

Send me a printscreen of the payment to
and I will answer you with the Telegram-invitation.

DM me for questions!